harvest day. 7.22.2017
tomato twice the size of a tennis ball.
first cantaloupe of 2017
ready to seed start
baby green tomatoes




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Hear It From Me

Hey! I'm Dominique! I'm a New Orleans-grown, DC-based accountant with a knack for cooking and growing food.

I've always had an interest in cooking, but developed a love of gardening in 2014, when a friend built me a starter garden as a housewarming gift. Since then, I've attended gardening conferences, and expos, and my garden has tripled in size.

After posting videos and photos on social media, another friend encouraged me to share my experiences and recipes in an accessible format.  Since my love of gardening and cooking go hand in hand, I'm ready to share Plots & Pans. 

I invite you to browse my site, learn about my passions, and explore what excites and interests you as well.


June 30, 2020

I absolutely love my backyard. It’s my favorite place. Between porch sitting, gardening, and grilling, I enjoy spending time outdoors.

What I don’t love are the pesky mosquitoes that love to buzz around at dawn and dusk frantically trying to bite me. I can run through a...

November 9, 2017

A while back my friend Alex decided she wanted to do a 40 for 40 bucket list to celebrate her upcoming milestone birthday. I was charged to help her with creating a few chicken sausage recipes since she doesn’t eat beef or pork. We decided on a jerk chicken sausage, a...

October 4, 2017

My sincere apologies for the delay in posting, but you know as soon as you start one project, work and life come at you fast, and you often have to take a breather from something else. 

So here we go!

I had no intentions of planting a fall garden. None. I planned on...

August 22, 2017

Thanks so much for reading all about my gardening and cooking adventures. The response last week was overwhelming! I literally broke down crying in the airport because I was so genuinely humbled at the number of likes, comments, texts, and emails about Plots & Pans! Wh...

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