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Welcome to Plots & Pans.

I grow food. I cook food. And now I'd like to share my knowledge and love of food with you. Welcome to Plots & Pans.

Plots & Pans is a blog to share gardening tips and explore growing fruits and vegetables in the smallest or largest spaces and cooking tips on how to use the food you've grown in regular meals or preserving.

This blog is dedicated to the first farmer I've ever known, the  great love of my life, my Paw Paw, Emmitt Muse. I miss you more than you know. I'm appreciative of the lessons you've taught me, and wish I'd realized this passion while you were living  to ask you more questions about farming and gardening.

What do you want to hear about first? Shoot me an email below! I'm super excited about this journey and can't wait to grow with you.



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